#213 - Simone de Beauvoir

Is there a better way to learn about feminist philosophy than hearing two straight men drunkenly discuss it on a podcast? Probably. But this is how you've chosen to spend your day. This week, Connor and Dan revisit the philosophy Simone de Beauvoir—a philosopher and writer they haven't discussed in years—to see how well her most famous text, A Second Sex, holds up all these years later. Also discussed, Dan's celebrity sighting, the boys' advice on not getting dates in high school, and the return of Star Wars corner.

#212 - An Argument For Stupidity

Finally, a philosophical topic worthy of this podcast. This week, Connor and Dan discuss Bence Nanay's article about how irrational behavior is an inherent part of human nature. Now we officially have permission to stop pretending that we're smart, rational, or good at anything. Or maybe that's not what the article said. Listen to find out!

#211 - The Spider In The Urinal

Should we always interfere to help someone? How can we know our actions won't cause more harm? Who's been letting all the bugs into the bathroom? Some of these questions will be addressed in this week's episode which discusses Thomas Nagel's thought experiment The Spider In The Urinal. Also discussed: why Dan doesn't want to talk about Jordan Peterson; Macaulay Culkin is back, and the real reason for school photos. Enjoy!

#210 - Fredric Jameson

With one of our heroes on the mend from their wet and wild previous weekend, Connor and Dan venture forth once again into the world of philosophy. This week, Fredric Jameson, the American philosopher who first warned us of the dangers of postmodern capitalism. What's postmodern capitalism you say? Listen to the podcast and find out you fool! Also discussed: the need for Normal Web, the marxist critique of Die Hard, and Connor has a drug!

#209 - The Cosmic Joke

It's another (patented) Solo Dan Episode. Due to scheduling issues, Dan takes the reins on his lonesome and discusses the intersection between philosophy and comedy, two subjects near and dear to his heart. Why are so many comedians interested in philosophy? Why do so many philosophers inject humor into their work? Perhaps it all has to do with the great cosmic joke. Listen in to find out on this very special episode!

#208 - Hypatia

This week, Connor and Dan are rolling back the clock to the time of antiquity to talk about Hypatia, one of the most famous female philosophers in history.  Oddly enough, Hypatia is almost as famous for her death as she is for what she accomplished in her life. To find out why you'll have to listen! Also discussed: Dan being a baseball boy, Laura Dern's age when she was making Jurassic Park, and whether or not you're allowed to masturbate if you're celibate (really asking the tough questions this week). Enjoy!

#207 - Indian Philosophy

In their ongoing effort to expand their philosophical horizons, Connor and Dan— for the first time in the history of the podcast —dive headlong into Ancient Indian Philosophy. And boy is it a trip. There is so much to cover here, your wayward heroes barely even scratch the surface. Still, you'll get a chance to hear Dan mispronounce a bunch of stuff, Connor hypothesize about the future success of the podcast, and you'll hear a backdoor pilot for Taco Hour the upcoming podcast that will never exist!

#206 - Experience Machine Revisited

Because they're legally required to discuss virtual reality and simulations at least once every financial quarter, Connor and Dan return this week to discuss the Experience Machine thought experiment. Specifically, how it has changed in light of advancements in virtual reality technology. Should VR be treated as a replacement for reality? Is giving everyone access to VR going to save the world? What's going on with Jazz Dot Com? Some of these questions will be answered in this weeks episode!

#205 - Susan Sontag On Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But a podcast has at least two thousand words in it so that means it's worth at least two pictures. What's the exchange rate here? What's going on?... This week, Connor and Dan discuss Susan Sontag's collection of essays called On Photography. They explore the idea that photographs convince us that we're expanding our reality when really we're limiting it. They also take a moment to complain about social media and Dan gives his assessment of the entire James Bond franchise.

#204 - Nikolai Berdyaev

Based off another listener suggestions, Connor and Dan dive into the philosophy of early-20th century Russian thinker Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev. Spoiler alert: Connor doesn't love it. Despite his feelings, they discuss freedom, subjective truth, and creativity. They also discuss jazz because they're a couple of hep cats. Enjoy!

#203 - Martin Buber

Based off a wonderful user suggestion, Connor and Dan discuss the philosophy of Austrian-born Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, who, in addition to having a pretty funny name, has some very interesting thoughts on dialogue, existence, and the meaning found when those two things interact. Also discussed: Connor and Dan's lackluster gym routine, the basics of improv, and how best to interact with a gas station attendant. Enjoy!

#202 - Erving Goffman

"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players." That's a quote from old Billy Shakespeare, but it also succinctly summarizes the sociological philosophy of Erving Goffman. This week, Connor and Dan take a look at said philosophy and discuss whether social interaction is the equivalent of a little stage play we all perform for one another's benefit. Also discussed, the benefits of school uniforms, what the abbreviation of Erving is, and Connor's new nickname!

#201 - Afrofuturism

To celebrate the fact that Dan went to see a movie this weekend, the Drunken Philosophy boys discuss the aesthetic and historical philosophy of Afrofuturism. How do a people who have had their culture systematically stripped away from them imagine a fantastical future? How come funk always looks like space? And why the hell is Connor getting into cryptocurrency?

#200 - The Two Hundredth Episode

In honor of the 200th (!) episode of Drunken Philosophy, Connor and Dan decide to take a brief break from the show's usual format and discuss philosophy as it pertains to them personally. Between their discussion of Hogwarts enrollment policy and how people should treat waiters, they offer up opinions on ethical philosophy, the existence of free will, and what it means to have consciousness. Also, there is a new theme song. 

#199 - Edward Said

Who better to discuss the problematic and incredibly murky historical representation of Eastern culture than two white guys who rarely leave the contiguous United States. But, as they say, that's what you sign up for when you listen to a podcast. This week, Connor and Dan discuss the book Orientalism by Palestinian-American philosopher Edward Said. In that book, Said describes the historical misrepresentation of the the culture of the orient via Western intellectuals. Also, Dan makes an apology, and Connor gives his three point breakdown of French culture.

#198 - Simone Weil

The staying power of Simone Weil's philosophy is a testament to the importance of outsiders and weirdos. This week, Connor and Dan stumble their way through this impressive woman's life and examine the mystical side of philosophy. Also, discussed: popsicle stick jokes, what God is like when he's not creating the whole universe, and a baby Godzilla cartoon that may or may not have existed.

#197 - The Prisoner's Nuclear Dilemma

Inspired by a bit of history and our current day nuclear nightmare, Connor and Dan discuss the moral philosophy behind the international arms race and how game theory can teach us that we're all screwed. Also discussed, Dan's dog being sick, the 1979 film Moonraker, and, of course, orgies. Enjoy!

#196 - Derrida, Of Hospitality

Hospitality is important. Especially when you're looking to get another round of drinks. Oh, wait, that might just be hospitality workers. Regardless, this week Connor and Dan discuss Jacques Derrida's lectures Of Hospitality in which he discusses the concept of hospitality and the moral obligation we have to foreigners in need, through the lens of deconstruction. Elon Musk, if you're listening, this one is for you (this may make more sense if you listen to the episode).

#195 - Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of MLK's b-day this week (and in honor of Connor and Dan's birthdays as well), your hosts decide to dig into the philosophy of nonviolence of one Martin Luther King. Maybe you've heard of him! Rather than discussing the events of his life, they dissect the tenets of his teachings and examine how his image has been whitewashed over the years. Not a lot of laughs in this here ep, but if you want to hear Dan have a little bit of a meltdown about the public conception of consent, this is the episode for you!

#194 - After The End Of Truth

This week, Connor and Dan dive head first into the post-truth era as they give their takes on a recent discussion between analytic philosopher John Searle, post-postmodernist Hilary Lawson, and historian of ideas Hannah Dawson. The question of the hour is whether there is such a thing as objective truth. The second question is, if there isn't, how do we live? The answer of the hour is, we don't know. But we can still have fun talking about it!