#82 - Emergentism

Hey Con-Dawgs and Dan-Devotee's! This week we talk Emergentism vs Reductionism.  We're back to take stabs at the ole' mind body problem that we cant seem to nail down. Connor finds out how water is made and we introduce a new segment to the show called "The Rant Corner" complete with electric guitar. Thanks for Listening, and don't forget to send us the super catchy hashtags: #youguysshouldtotallyuseweedonyour100thepisodeYes and #PleasedontuseweeditsbadforyouNO .

P.S.  We mention a video halfway through that we say we will link. Here is that link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IEFD_JVYd0

P.P.S You've probably seen this video a thousand times if you have an internet connection.