#86 - Hylomorphism

This weeks episode is all about Hylomorphism! Matter and form are (Mostly) the topic today. Don't get it twisted because they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Today's guest is the sweet, the wonderful, and the gay Kenny Walter (https://www.instagram.com/schniide/) As always, we slide into the movie corner for a second and also discuss how to have pillow talk with a sheep.  This episode was mired by internet connectivity and we spent an hour and a half editing so you better listen!

Minions on DVD came out yesterday. Hope you bought it!

Also watch Hackers on Netflix. We spend 5 minutes on that amazing movie.... (http://www.netflix.com/watch/567905?trackId=13752289&tctx=0%2C0%2Ce6b9d6cfe1d78c4520fca6c785398c4a18748f2b%3A9956188fc07c328508abbf764e08e6f170ac78b1)