#179 - God's Not Dead Too

Get your tickets, ladies and gents! Because it's another rendition of Drunken Philosophy at the Movies. This week, Connor and Dan take one for the collective team and watch God's Not Dead 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the straight-to-video Christian-focused feature and insult to Nietszche's memory, God's Not Dead. This movie is bonkers and barely related to philosophy despite stealing it's title from a famous philosophical text, but it provided lots of catharsis for your hosts. Enjoy the little break from learning, the pod will be back next week with more straight up philosophy.

#178 - Zizek, Lacan, And Jaws

Are you afraid to go in the water? You might be after this episode! Connor and Dan discuss the 1975 film Jaws, specifically how it can be used to explore the theories of Slavoj Zizek and Jacques Lacan. Does the shark represent fascism or capitalism? Does art reflect ideology or is that just the viewer forcing the issue? Also, what kinds of a pants did Dan wear when he was a chubby little kid? Spoilers abound for a movie that came out forty years ago, so consider yourself warned. 

#177 - David Chalmers on Virtual Reality

After numerous technical difficulties, your brave hosts managed to put out another podcast this week about, what else, technology! Specifically virtual reality and how it can be used to answer complex questions about philosophy. Australian philosophy David Chalmers makes the argument that virtual reality is as valuable as "real" reality, and Dan surprisingly agrees. Connor is just excited he gets to talk about video games again. Enjoy!

#176 - Ritual And Ethics

Does repeating a physical action help you be a better person? Ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius might say yes, but modern day American guy Connor Holmes would definitely say no. This week, your hosts discuss the use of ritual and ceremony in Chinese ethical philosophy. For more on this subject you can look up Harvard professor Michael Puett's work. And for more discussion on why zoos are lame and what old racist Comedy Central shows were like, keep listening to this podcast!

#175 - Philosophical Zombies

Halloween came a little earlier this year on Drunken Philosophy! This week, Connor and Dan discuss the idea of a philosophical zombie, i.e. a physically identical human being that lacks consciousness, and decide whether or not they create problems for physicalists. Philosophers mentioned include David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, and at least one other, maybe! Also discussed, the career of Daniel Day Lewis, a review of Game of Thrones in emoji form, and Connor's Top Five Berries! (Apologies for a little buzzing at the beginning on Connor's audio, I swear it goes away)

#174 - Giles Deleuze (Part 1)

There is no identity, there is only difference. Time is simply repetition. Everything you think you know about thought, you're thinking about wrong. Feeling confused yet? Welcome to the philosophy of Giles Deleuze. This week, Connor and Dan do their best to wade into the deep murky waters of this French philosopher's influential metaphysics. Also discussed: What Connor would do during the purge, who's still listening to "Mr. Brightside," and how the hell you pronounce Imogen Heap.

#173 - Ordinary Language Philosophy

This episode is for all you ordinary people out there. This week, Connor and Dan discuss the philosophical methodology known as Ordinary Language Philosophy. This was a loosely head together school of thought that prioritized focus on ordinary language in philosophy and claimed the best way to understand metaphysical concepts was to understand the way they were used in language. Talk about a snooze! Also, Connor rants a bit about people who go to music festivals (even though he just went to one) and you get a little peak into the writer's room for the next Minions movie. All in all, it's an episode.

#172 - Jacques Lacan

It only took 172 episodes for this podcast to devolve into a low-budget therapy session. This week, Connor and Dan take a look at the psychoanalysis of Jacques Lacan, specifically his theory about the Mirror Phase and symbolic order of consciousness. This is some heady stuff, ladies and germs, but your hosts are trying their best. Also, Connor takes old people down a peg, we get to hear what your hosts want to be when they grow up, and they once again discuss the importance of language. Good stuff!

#171 - Alvin Plantinga

Can you be a logical thinking philosopher and still believe in God? Specifically the Christian conception of an all-knowing, all-loving God? Why are you asking us? Go Google it. This week on Drunken Philosophy, Connor and Dan discuss famously God-believing philosopher Alvin Plantinga and break down some of his most well-known arguments. Also, there's some movie talk (obviously) and Connor, having very limited experience, really takes New York bagels to task.

#170 - Otaku and Postmodern Consumption

Blush at your senpei and hold on to your anime pillow because this episode of Drunken Philosophy is all about nerdy Japanese stuff. Specifically, Dan started reading the book Otaku: Japan's Database Animals, which, in addition to being about people who like anime, is also about the postmodern approach to consumption of media. It's complex and smart sounding! Connor gets the opportunity to talk about something he actually knows a thing or two about and both of them get the opportunity to mispronounce a number of Japanese words. Enjoy!

#169 - Thomas Aquinas

Is it possible to be a philosopher and believe in God? Our old pal Thommy Aquinas would have said that they're one in the same! This week on Drunken Philosophy, Connor and Dan reach back to the Middle Ages to learn about Saint Thomas Aquinas, AKA the only philosopher purported to have levitated! In addition to being the number one hunk at the University of Paris, Aquinas is credited with bringing ancient philosophy into the modern Christian world. Also in this ep, the return of the Loser Cruiserâ„¢! (Editor's note: There were some mic issues on this episode so there are a few awkward cuts and a humming noise in the first 10 minutes. Thanks for bearing with us!)

#168 - Duty

It's just Dan this week! If you're still reading this and didn't immediately throw your computer/mobile devise out the window of a moving car, boy do we have a special episode in store for you. Connor is away this week having lots of fun, so Dan hunkers down for a in-depth episode all about the moral concept of duty. We're talking Kant, we're talking Nietzsche, and we're talking the Flintstones of course. The episode is a bit shorter and a bit lighter on the laughs, but that content is good baby. Enjoy!

#167 - Daoism and Mostly Star Wars

This week, Connor and Dan are taking a trip through hyperspace just to deliver you an extra special sloppy Star Wars episode. Dan was on his way out the door to enjoy a vacation, so he decided to let Connor take the reins as they discuss Daoism, the Force of the Wills, and all the other philosophical influences on a series of movies they probably would have ended up taking about anyways. If you guys enjoy this type of episode (i.e. pop culture focused) let them know and maybe they'll do more!

#166 - Richard Rorty

It's time to get pragmatic up in this podcast. This week, Connor and Dan discuss the philosophy of modern American philosophy Richard Rorty who was all about "Out with the old; In with the new." New Pragmatism that is! Also discussed: Some new losers Connor had a beef with, a free idea for an app that someone can steal, and Connor finally gets woke. Enjoy!

#165 - Jacques Derrida

Time to put on your hard hats boys and girls, because this week we're talking about deconstruction! Specifically, Connor and Dan discuss French philosopher Jacques Derrida (AKA Dr. Jack Dorito) who is the father of deconstruction. They take on binaries and ideologies and all the terribly comfortable things we take for granted without ever examining. Also discussed, ska podcasts, adults on scooters, and 70s talk shows. Enjoy!

#164 - Modern Stoicism

How do you take something old and make it new again? Do it half-assed of course. This week, Connor and Dan discuss the modern interpretation of Stoicism. They debate whether it's healthy or possible to repress your emotions and they dive head-first into Connor's Oedipal complex. Also, there's a weird discussion about PC culture and the alt right at the end...sorry.

#163 - Robotic Police

Umm...excuse me? Are we living in frickin' Robocop? Maybe! Last week Dan read about the first robotic policeman being introduced in the city of Dubai and now he's having a mental breakdown. He and Connor discuss whether or not robots can be programmed to make moral decisions and, if they can, what the implications might be if society allows those robots to dish out the law right in citizen's faces. Also, they discuss why the episode is a little late, the ol' trolley problem, and what kind of explosives are popular these days. Enjoy!

#162 - Marx's Problems with Capitalism

Trigger warning for any capitalist fat cats: This episode contains some pretty harsh language directed at the economic system known as capitalism. These sick burns and criticisms come courtesy of the father of Communism himself, Karl Marx. Your hosts, Connor and Dan, break down the intrinsic flaws of capitalism, such as alienation, expendability, and instability, and offer the listener only the most poorly thought out solutions, such as "what if everyone had money?" Regardless, it's a good ep. Enjoy!

#161 - Hume's Skepticism

How can you be sure strawberries are red? How can you be sure the sun will rise tomorrow? How can you be sure Connor and Dan haven't done this exact episode before? You can't! And neither can they! But that's OK because David Hume says so. Sort of. This week, your hosts dive into epistemology once again to discuss David Hume's skeptical approach to induction. Just because something has happened in the past, doesn't mean it will continue into the future. Like this podcast!

#160 - Noam Chomsky on A.I.

This week on philosophy Connor and Dan finally get back to something Connor actually gives a shit about: robutts. Specifically, whether we should be afraid of them or impressed by them. To answer these questions, your hosts consult the One Pump Chumpsky himself, Noam Chomsky. The linguistics expert from MIT has some pretty damning things to say about all this Artificial Intelligence fervor, and one person on this podcast is happy to hear it (hint: it's not Connor). All things being equal: this is a fun episode! Enjoy it!