Hello again,

It is me Armin Torquezian, you're number one guide to all things internet and web based. Today I'm going to use my 20 minute lunch break between 12 hour Uber shifts to explain the most famous kitty cat me-me: the Grumpy Cat. Also known as Unsatisfied Cat, General Malaise Cat, and Wish He Was Dog Cat. This little kitty friend first made a splash on the net (internet) when it's owner posted a picture of it's face to a pet health forum asking "Please, what is wrong with my cat?" Hilarity ensued as many people re-posted and photo-chopped the cat's mugshot with accompanying text phrases like "Haha Why my face broken?" and "I'm a sick cat."





As you can see there are endless opportunities for comedy with this little ferocious feline. Whether you've just remembered a friend's birthday or passed your Uber license verification test, there is an upset cat and text combination to suit the occasion. Just yesterday my son came in from whipping tires in the backyard to wish me a happy fathering day. He printed out picture of the Grumpy Cat with the words "It's not so bad, To be a Dad." We shared a brief silence and a drink of aquavit.



Unlike so many other internet phenomenons, the Grumpy Cat has been able to maintain it's celebrity status: appearing on coffee mugs, mouse pads, book covers, and airbrushed onto the side of Astro vans. There have been many pretenders to the internet cat throne over the years, including Barf Cat, Salmon Cat, and Legless Chair. None of them have been able to capture what it is to be America more than the Grumpy Cat. Long live the Grumpy Cat!








Well, my lunch break is over and I have not eaten again. I hope you have learned enough about the ways of internet culture and the temperament of cats to justify my sacrifice. Now get out there on the www (world wide web) and make your own upset cats! And don't forget to give five stars!

Have a smile,

Armin Torquezian