It is me, Armin Torquezian. I am here taking much needed break from driving Uber to teach you about the Internet. The Internet is often referred to as 'the net' or 'the world wide web' or 'the www' for short. It is a very crazy place filled with lots of fun and sadness. In America everyone is online thanks to wonderful service America Online. 100 free hours of America Online is mailed to citizens by the Government President Barack Obama. We all get chance to share opinions and feelings and vacation pictures. Thank you Obama! But the 'net'  it is also a place to share a good laugh with your friend or nephew. Today I tell you about a popular Internet trend called Hotdog Legs.



If you look at this picture quickly you will see a collection of hotdogs in different settings and you will think "Who has taken these hotdogs outside?" or "Is everyone having plain hotdog?" But you have been fooled by an Internet prankster! Some of these photos are actually legs of people. This is a good laugh because most of the time people are not confused with foods that are not potatoes or ground sandwiches. Many people like to post pictures of hotdogs on the Internet and tell their friends to guess "Is this legs?" This brings many smiles.



Here is a selfie (a backwards picture of your face) that I am just taking. I am just kidding this is a picture of a hotdog. Do you see now how the very funny joke is played? You must have been so confused looking at big picture of hotdog. But I am relieving to you with the truth. Being sad and confused and then told it is just joke will make you laugh. This is the basis of comedy on the www.




This is a portrait of my family. Only joke. Is bag of hotdog. My hope is now you are understanding the many laughs that come from Hotdog Legs. Feel free to use this prank on your cousin or landlord. Now it is time for Armin to get back to work for Uber. Time is money! And we will soon be dead. Have fun out there on the 'net' and please give five stars.

Your happy day,
Armin Torquezian