#15 - Shrek The Musical, Part 1: Christ, Really?

We've been teasing it since the beginning and here it goddamn is, Shrek the Goddamn Fucking Musical. This is a two-parter, folks. This (and next) week: the Shrek/Birdman connection, "naughty musicals," deflated Al Roker-looking motherfuckers, Broadway's take on German rubbersuit porn, stickin' it to The Lion King, farting back and forth forever, Dan figures out the Budweiser joke, Whitman's Samplers, and so many other things, just listen for reals.

TW: We give you a heads-up before saying it in the episode itself, but this contains a transphobic slur because we talk about it being in the musical. Yes, it's in this musical, this play for children.