#29 - Shrek Reviews: If Shaggy Can Do It

Your hosts have said a lot of things about Shrek over the course of this podcast, but it's high time we heard from the common folk, the everyman, the hoi polloi. Is Shrek simply funny musical? Does it walk the line like The Simpsons? Do the disc ever wear out?? To find out, Alicia has scoured the depths of Amazon to bring you the finest in fawning, harsh, bizarre, and puzzling user reviews. This is a long one, and it is worth it. This week: fairtale critters [sic], foam-injected Splenda, blasphemous spoofs, Rapunzel's cancer, solid kiddie Pokemon, Bob (not gay), and the worst book Trish has ever read. TW: we read a couple reviews from people that are very upset about LGBT content. They're not terribly virulent, but if you would rather not hear that sort of thing, skip the segments at 41:20-45:05 and 51:40-55:45.