Season 2 - Episode 3 - Street Sharks Podcast

Hello and good morning! This episode of Ramble Radio makes the assumption you listen to your podcasts in the morning and need things like traffic reports, rants about podcasts, and some loud tunes. Hopefully one of those assumptions is correct and you enjoy this ep! We span the entirety of music history from 2015 to 1999. That's all the music there is. You also get a sneak peak at a cavalcade of new podcasts coming to The Network. This is hot stuff guys, don't miss it. Remember, if you enjoy any of the music you heard, follow the links and support the musicians!

Crushed - Michael Stasis
Hey Moon! - Molly Nilsson

Questions And Answers - The Apples In Stereo
Another One - Mac DeMarco
A Little Late - Skating Polly