The End of the Road

Welcome to St. Loubega. If you've made it this far, I assume you have at least a slight interest in this podcast. Or you clicked the wrong thing. If it's the latter, get you click game on point! If it's the former, I regret to inform you that this podcast is no longer being produced. It started as a fun experiment between two roommates and ended the same way. We wanted to attempt to make a podcast with zero prep-work. We wanted to build a world from the ground up in which we could play, joke, make characters, kill characters, and most importantly entertain each other. In the end, trying to produce three podcasts, create other content, and have a full time job became too much for both of us. But we're proud of what we made so here it is for your enjoyment. If you're still with me at this point, you must have a lot of free time. Enough free time to listen to 23 episodes of a failed podcast! We implore you to start from the beginning. It's pretty rough, but none of the later episodes will make any sense without proper context. Thanks a bunch! Enjoy!

#23 - This Dog Is Out

The veil has been lifted on this episode of St. Loubega! Our good friend Tom stops by to fill in for Connor since he's missing again. Some secrets are uncovered and some closet doors are kicked down. And stay tuned for the cliff hanger surprise ending that nobody saw coming! Though they may all be out and proud, our leaders may be in some serious trouble. Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!

#22 - Work Friends

The big bad boy of the dirt cave is back for another appearance on his favorite podcast. Mr. Bigfoot finally answers the question, "Who do you think you are?" and the answer is a businessman. There's some serious guy talk in this episode, so ladies gird your loins! Editor's Note: Sorry for the late upload. It took the pigeon a little bit longer to deliver this tape form the undisclosed location. Enjoy!

#21 - Terry the Troll

This weeks episode is quick and weird. Connor was supposed to join me for this update on our flourishing society, but he got sidetracked on his way to the studio. But a very special guest is here to explain his mysterious disappearance. This is another encounter added to a long list of magical and bizarre events here in St. Loubega. Did Connor and Dan stake their flag in the middle of a magical kingdom? Find out this week on St. Loubega!

#20 - Squash the Beef

A society can only exist for so long before it's touched by tragedy. Our time in St. Loubega so far has been a bit of a honeymoon period, but now that's over! This week we recount the loss of a close friend and one of our most popular businesses. It's a harrowing tale of partying gone wrong. Join us, mourn with us, laugh with us. Tears of a clown. Smokey Robinson. Etc. Enjoy!

#19 - Trench Warfare

The party lifestyle is strong in St. Loubega this week. Connor and Dan discuss the ethics of baby kissing, Connor offers some advise on how to be more social, and our old friends Bob Pochensky and Malcolm La Midle have a meeting of the minds. One of them is in his 80s, the other is a pizza faced tween, but boy howdy do they have a lot in common. Sort of. Mostly they like pussy but can't agree on what that means. Take a listen!

#18 - Buffalo Wild Wings, New York

We bought a zoo! Not really. But a zoo came to town. Well sort of. It's hard to explain. On this episode of St. Loubega we get a very special visit from Tony Digiorno and he's got some very special animals to share with us. Their exotic and exciting and other words that start with ex-. And they're definitely not just mangey farm animals.

#17 - Previously On...

Put your recap cap on! It's time to scarf down a summation sandwich and some rehash browns. In this episode Connor and Dan take a look back at the past 4 months of their society. So much has changed, and so much is the same. Enjoy this look back at St. Loubega! (Also, this is a great episode if you're new to the podcast and would like to get caught up on goings on!)

#16 - Go Blackhawks

The long awaited appearance of Officer Francis "Call me Frank" O'Callahan finally happens on this week's St. Loubega. He's a fun loving guy but if you turn out to be a doper he'll come down on you harder than rye on a pastrami sandwich. His past is a bit of a mystery but he's happy to be starting his life anew here in St. Loubega, as long as there's a good supplied of sandwich fixings. Enjoy!

#15 - An Ex-Botanist

Save the drama for your mama! That's what I would say to Michaela if she were here this week. Instead we have her wonderfully light father Tom stopping by. With a surprise visit from Tom's ex-wife and Michaela's mother, Kelsey. She's a real firecracker with a drinking problem and sorted past. But as we always say, when you're here your past is wiped away and you're also family. Enjoy!

#14 - Edit Point

The St. Loubega census continues this week and as is tradition we're going youngest to oldest. So, one of our most seasoned residents stops by to chat for the first time on microphone. Tom's daughter Michaela (Laney Camenga) has a lot to say about the way we're running this country. Topics include: governmental procedure, group activities, women's rights, and Connor and Michaela's weird sexual tension.

#13 - Dracula

It's census time! There are a number of new residents in St. Loubega thanks to the crashing of a "Bigfoot Hunters" tourism bus. And these new residents need to get the lowdown on the sovereign nation of St. Loubega. Even if that means talking to them one at a time. Malcolm (aka Dracula) is certainly a troubled kid but he may have more in common with Dan than he originally thought.

#12 - Wouldn't Hearts Be Loose?

Having trouble following this podcast? Well hopefully our new "Previously On" section will clear things up. Also, Dan is doing his first ever live book reading from his fantasy "The Wooden Hearts Escape Through The Mountain". And a new (old) friend comes by for a visit! Which is to say, someone we haven't met before but who happens to be old. Enjoy!

#11 - Besties Frenzies

The dynamic duo are finally back together. Connor returns to his rightful seat as co-founder of St. Loubega and wearer of the sacred beaded necklace. Turns out Dan has had a hard time since Connor left, and he's been hittin' the sauce. Hopefully the wounds will heal and they can get back to leading this great nation of theirs to glory.

#10 - I'm Busy

Mr. Bigfoot returns! Connor is on the mend from a rough week on his own, but luckily he's got his brother from another (hairier) mother there to help him out. They discuss the struggles of friendship, the struggles of love, and the absence of parties in Mr. Bigfoot's life. Unfortunately, he's just too busy to party. Hopefully Mr. Bigfoot's return is a sign of a change of the times. Things might finally be looking up for St. Loubega!

#9 - Furzen Leisure+

After last week's breakdown, Connor decided to take a week off from the podcast. Taking his place is the always warm and welcoming Tom. He's got some new ideas for the town and he's excited for you to hear them! 

#8 - Looking Back

In the wake of last week's devastating gorilla attack, Dan & Connor take a moment to look back to to the old country and those that were left behind.